The 'Ten Sessions' of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a process of integrating the individual parts of the body into a comprehensive and functional whole. While benefits can be achieved in as little as three sessions, the full series is recommended in order to achieve complete and lasting results.

1-3 The Superficial Sessions

In these sessions we will expand the potential for breath, fluidity of movement, and create a solid connection with the earth through the feet, all the while working out kinks and adhesions in the outer layers of the body. Problems with the feet and shoulders can often be resolved in this series.

Breath and Perception are the keys to unlocking your body, mind and inner source of Wisdom. These are skills that will provide the foundation for all else that follows.

4-7 The Core Sessions

The first three sessions are considered a complete series. With the fourth hour, we begin again at a much deeper level of change. These sessions are where the true transformation takes place. Working directly, and progressively with all the core muscles, ligaments and fascial structures of the body, we can change the way force is trasmitted through the body, reducing strain through increased tonus, balance and flexibility. Bones and organs shift, muscles that were carrying the strain of the body can relax into their specific function. Through working with proprioception, and the nueromuscular connections, we are not only working with the physical body, but with the neural map of the body which guides posture, function and how we experience ourselves in the world.

8-10 The Integration Sessions

Throughout this process you will have learned new, more efficient ways to use your body to alleviate chronic patterns of strain. You will be able to use your body in ways that were never before possible. In the final sessions, we bring integratation to all the physiological and neurological changes, evoking your highest potential for grace, ease, and energy... your line.

Full conciousness must involve awareness of not just the mental but emotional and even basic physical experiences as well. The more conscious we are, the more we can "listen in" on the conversation going on at autonomic or subconscious levels of the bodymind, where basic functions such as breathing, digestion, immunity, pain control, and blood flow are carried out. Only then can we enter into that conversation, using our awareness to enhance the effectiveness of the autonomic system, where health and disease are being determinded minute by minute.

-- Candace Pert, PhD

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