Like any physical machine, the body operates on energy. Our bodies receive energy not only from sunlight through the skin and metabolism of oxygen and food, but also from the gravitational field of the earth. When there is antagonism and/or friction within the system, energy is wasted and the body no longer functions efficiently. Disease and discomfort become inevitable.

Human beings can change. Muscles grow or atrophy, according to use. Tendons shorten with disuse or injury, and lengthen as the body is stretched. Bones reform along lines of pressure. Nothing is permanent. Pain need not be endured. When you make choices towards balance, the body and mind can become balanced.

Working mainly with the fascia or connective tissue of the body, the Rolf Practioner works toward that balance in a series of Ten Sessions. How this is possible can be explored through Tensegrity, which describes how the integrity of a structure is based on the synergy between elements of tension (connective tissue) and compression (bones). Imagine setting up a tent. Out of the bag, it is merely a pile of fabric and poles. Once the poles are in their proper place, dynamic tension between the poles and fabric creates structure. However, if they are not in correct relationship, the tent will not function properly. The same is true of the body. As we re-align the fascia in relationship to the muscles and bones, the rest of our body can, quite literally, fall into place.


"If you can imagine how it feels to have a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness and at ease with itself and earth's gravitational field, then you will understand the goals of Structural Integration."
-- Ida P. Rolf Ph.D.

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