How much does a session cost?

$120. Payment may be made as cash, check or credit.

Does it hurt?

Many people ask this question, because in the 60s and 70s Rolfing® developed the reputation of being very effective and quite painful. Since then, however, the work has refined considerably. Working with the sensitive art of Tai Chi Chuan, has allowed me to evoke the same change without excessive physical force. Deep and lasting change is not synonymous with pain. By working with a body's natural rhythms, including breath, movement, and awareness, results can be comfortably achieved. And please remember, you are always in complete control of your session.

"Pay attention to pleasure." -- Ed Maupin, Advanced Rolfer

What is the difference between Structural Integration and Massage?

Structural Integration much is more than a “very deep” massage. One difference is the practice and scope of massage is to relax muscles to improve range of motion and circulation. Massage asks what is present in the body to relax. SI asks what is present in the body that is able to change in order to improve how the body functions. Organization. Integration. Economy. In SI, we are not looking for fleeting pleasures but a new way of experiencing your everyday life.

As one old teacher explains, "Structural Integration is about the whole person, it is about fascia and feeling. The sensation of moving from weakness to strength, the exhilaration of owning a new part of oneself, the immediate and simultaneous re-education of one’s being and action, the joy of self – empowerment, waking up, these are the experiences of Structural Integration."

What do I wear?

For men, it is recommended to wear underwear or shorts. For women, it is appropriate to wear a comfortable sports bra and shorts. The most important aspect is your personal comfort, and though it is not optimal, the work can be done fully clothed.

How long does a session last?

Typically a session will last approximately 1 hour. However, the first session is usually 15 - 30 minutes longer. We will fill out a "Personal History" form, and sit and discuss any questions you may have before the session begins.

Why should I experience all 10 sessions?

The true genius of Dr. Rolf’s method is the art and science of reshaping and reorganizing human structure systematically.  Space must be created for deeper core work.  The core must be balanced before it can unify, integrating mind and body, creating stable harmony within.  Each session builds upon the last, unlocking and unfolding human potential. You may try a session or two in order to see how you feel about the work and if it suits you. However, because of the nature of the work we recommend that if you complete more than three sessions, you commit to the entire series of ten sessions.

Do the effects last?

Yes. Photographs taken of clients years after the Basic Ten Series show that changes are still present and structure often continues to improve. Keep in mind however, as life changes, bodies change in response. Any injuries, accidents, pregnancies, lengthy illnesses and emotional stress may necessitate additional work.

Is there anything I can do to aid or help the process?

Like anything else you will do in your life, the most profound thing you can do, is to be completely present; during the sessions, and as the work unfolds in your life.

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